Monday, November 14, 2011

Too many things to blog about…

Due to my low level of alertness, I will have to keep it short and just write about one of many food-related experiences I have had in the last few days.

Remember way back when I wrote about going to Charlotte with my boyfriend Jerry? Well here is a tidbit from that day.

We ate Puerto Rican food. Ever since I watched Guy Fieri try mofongo on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, I knew I had to try this dish. It consists of fried green plantations mashed up with butter and often served with pork and a sauce. I liked it but this specific one although not lacking in flavor (think savory, not sweet), was dry. The fried ripe plantains that we ordered as a side were what captured my heart. They were not too oily but had a delicate brown exterior and were very tender.


For dessert, there is always dessert when Jerry and I go out to eat, I actually picked McDonald’s. As much as I am against fast food, my heart drew me to the comfort of an M&M McFlurry. Mmmm! Part of the reason I love it so much is the mix of colors left in the wake of the M&Ms from being spun throughout the soft serve vanilla ice cream. By the way, did you know that the spoon that is in the McFlurry is the one that connects the miraculous machine that spins the toppings into the McFlurry? Hence, the odd shape of the spoon and why it is stuck in the McFlurry.


We painted pottery. It was so much fun! I used literally half of the paints the store kept on hand (and they had a lot). It also took me an hour and a half just to paint this mug. I am very meticulous about craft projects, so I wanted it to be perfect. Today I got back the finished product. Tea it is! Chai is one of my favorites. It often fuels my “late” night studying which I consider anything after 11:30


After I polished off the tea…IMG_2507

Just wanted to jot this short post. More later about some fun topics that are slightly more interesting. Sorry for the lack of chronology.

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