Saturday, November 5, 2011

Asheville: Conference, Food, Conference, More Food!

To tease you.....

We visited The Chocolate Fetish in Asheville after dinner at The Twisted Crepe (also amazing, but I do not think that writing about dinner before dessert is a requirement in the food blog world so I will move forward). I had read about this chocolate shop, where they make their own chocolates, on the Internet and had talked with foodie friends about it too. As you can see, chocolate shops where they make their own truffles and other chocolate confections (including chocolate pasta, no kidding!) are a trend in Asheville. But it is a trend that I do not mind. French Broad Chocolates must be excellent too because every time we walked/drove by, the line was out the door just to get in the shop. Back to my experience, the staff were very knowledgable and helpful. They have a wide variety of truffles and also other chocolate including rounds of chocolate with various add-ins, ones in various holiday shapes. Another hot commodity that I saw several people order is European sipping chocolate. A staff member told us that it is dark chocolate melted down with half-and-half. Umm, how could that be anything other than delicious?

So, on to what I ordered. I actually debated about what to order and paced in front of the lit glass cases for at least ten minutes. My friends tried the hot chocolate and a dark chocolate truffle. Because of this and my truffle experience last night, I finally went with chocolate dipped fruit.

Chocolate covered dried plum (this was definitely not a prune). The fruit was actually moist and provided a tangy but sweet and chewy contrast to the hard, not overly sweet chocolate.

Chocolate covered cherries. I loved how it was like chocolate covered twins. However, I have to say that I still like the Candy Factory's chocolate covered cherries better.  They are sweeter and do not have the stems which are asthetically pleasing but hard to avoid eating.

Not that I was deterred by the stems (I just ate a little chunk of one).
I honestly could spend a really long time talking about the actual restaurants we went to today but I don't have time and dessert is more important anyway. Although, if you are in Asheville give VegHeads Drive-Thru a try (especially the Baked Falafel).

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