Monday, November 21, 2011

Pumpkin Cake Pops


If you have read food magazines or food blogs in the last six months you probably already know that cake pops have been very popular. Normally I wouldn’t advocate doing something because it is the “in” thing to do. But, please jump on the bandwagon. Make cake pops, ASAP! You will not regret it.

The mixture of cake and icing into a conglomerate ball might not sound appealing to some people. But, for those of us who are put off by cupcakes' ratio of cake to icing and the fact that the icing is just a blob on top, the cake pop is for us. The icing mixed in with the crumbled cake makes for a smooth texture that is distinct from both the cake and the icing. This texture is contrasted by the solid chocolate candy coating on the outside. The flavors meld together to form an experience that can only be found by eating a cake pop.

However, making cake pops is not for the faint-hearted or someone that is looking for a quick baking project. Give yourself plenty of time and plan ahead. It will be worth it.

IMG_2517I made pumpkin cake pops with my friend Alexandra (I will start just using the letter A to refer to her). We were pressed for time, so I will go ahead and preface the pictures by saying that the cake pops could have been neater.

We were still late to the potluck dinner. This might be because A and I had to walk with our friend Jennie over a mile to the location of the potluck. Remember, this was Friday night at 6:45. It was very dark and very cold. I toted a plate of cake pops and also a batch of baked apples (I normally don’t use a recipe but Gala apples work great!). When we arrived, my hands were literally frozen in the same position that they had been in to hold the dishes. Luckily the good Thanksgiving-style food, heat, and fellowship made the long walk and numb hands worth it. (And everyone loved the cake pops!)

Here is the recipe and the technique we used.


A putting the chocolate coating on a cake pop. (It is ok to omit the coating, they are absolutely delicious and even more pumpkin-y without the chocolate.)


Final product- we had to use a mixture of lollipop sticks and skewers cut in half because the recipe made so many. The size of the balls could easily be smaller if you are making for a party or need a large quantity. It is a simply a matter of personal preference.


About to step into the cold abyss of an evening with our creations.

P.S. I promise to stop writing about pumpkin flavored baked goods after Thanksgiving. But, I already am planning on making pumpkin pancakes when I go home. So exciting!

Have a great Thanksgiving and eat something pumpkin flavored (if not, then just enjoy a day centered around food and family)!

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