Sunday, December 18, 2011

Maxie B’s Bakery Reviewed


As much as I love Lexington, NC, the options for nice restaurants and bakeries are severely limited. Actually, I can’t think of a one that I like (sorry for those that like the bakery, but I am not a fan of too sugary whipped icing and dry cake). So, I am left to venture outwards at least 20 minutes to go to a nice restaurant or to visit a quality bakery. I promise I am really not deprived, I just love good food and will drive a considerable distance to get it. Greensboro and Charlotte are my favorite food destinations.

Monday I was in Greensboro with Jerry. We went to one of our very favorite bakeries, Maxie B’s. The first time I came here it was a nearly religious experience. It is hard to find a bakery that is open at night around here. After dinner on a date night this summer I had a craving for something sweet. This meant I wanted CAKE. Cookies generally don’t hit the spot, ice cream not really, candy doesn’t measure up, pie is alright but not extremely satisfying, gelato would probably work, or some decadent chocolate confection but cake, moist layer cake with  icing good enough to eat by itself, is my absolute favorite. Maxie B’s came up on the GPS and we found out it was actually open past 6 pm, it was as if the stars had aligned to take us to this bakery.


Left: Outdoor seating area and front of the store. Right: More outdoor seating and their wedding cakes on display.

When we walked in I literally couldn’t speak for a minute. The almost thirty clear cake stands showcasing portions of layer cakes  was something that I found absolutely beautiful. I saw cute cupcakes, ice cream, and frozen yogurt too but, seriously? I was going for cake, especially considering that I think that the icing-cake ratio and dispersal of icing of layer cakes is far superior to that of cupcakes. Also, it makes me feel more sophisticated to eat dessert slowly with a fork than cramming an often over-iced handheld cake into my mouth, trying to avoid spilling crumbs on myself. But, the sheer number of options overwhelmed me. However, the staff are always incredibly friendly, patient, and helpful while customers make very difficult decisions.

This first time I decided on the pumpkin chocolate chip cake. It had cream cheese icing, which was superb and not overly sweet. The cake itself was very moist and the chocolate and pumpkin worked very well together. After trying Jerry’s red velvet I have to say that that was incredibly delicious too. We both practically licked our plates clean and were especially glad for the free mini cups of water to wash down the sugary goodness. The cozy seating was perfect for enjoying the cake and for a date night or gathering with friends. Also, there were constantly people coming in and getting cake, staying in the restaurant to linger and chat over their dessert or enjoying the outdoor seating. This created a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. The traffic flow was enough to know that this is a special place even before I tried my piece of cake.

Although the cake is either $3.95 or $4.50 a slice, it is seriously worth it. It is way better than many pieces of cake that you could order at a restaurant for $7. Also, they set out half-price pieces of cake that are the last pieces from the stand, but they are still fresh. Another way that Maxie B’s encourages its fan base is their stamp cards. Buy 10 slices of cake, get 1 free. The same applies for cupcakes and frozen yogurt.


Fresh Apple Cake

This time I went to Maxie B’s, I was just as excited. But I have to say that I was slightly disappointed. I had been told that the Fresh Apple Cake was one of their best cakes, but I know they have better. I wasn’t a big fan of the cinnamon in the cream cheese icing and although there were chunks of apples in the cake, the apple flavor wasn’t very strong. (Jerry says, “You are such a critic.”) But, I have definitely not given up. I was seriously tempted by the Caramel Cake or the Brown Stone Front Cake and will have to get a slice of one of these next time. I love caramel icing! Also, beside the actual eat-in part of the bakery is the area where the wedding cakes are made and stored. They are absolutely beautiful and are very masterfully done. So, I will be back another day! (Besides, I need to fill up my card to get a free slice!)


Left: Cake, cake, and more cake (cupcakes too!). Right: Cute and cozy seating area.

If you have a favorite bakery or bakery treat, please share!

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