Friday, May 11, 2012

Black Velvet, Flaming Cheese, and Sweden

First of all, exams have not turned my brain to mush. However, I must gloat a bit to let you know that I am finished with my exam and big paper. This naturally leads into my excuse for not blogging in a while, finals. So, with my newly liberated brain I thought I would share with you some of the random things I have eaten while out and about the last two weeks.

Last week, I went to one of the only restaurants/bakeries around Davidson that I still hadn’t tried yet (it was initially a long list, but I get around). Black Velvet Patisserie is nestled in downtown Mooresville and is a quaint storefront. However, the glass case contains a wide variety of French and other baked goods. They have everything from several varieties of cake pops to handmade truffles to croissants. However, the dessert that called out to me was the “Lemon Brioche Doughnut”. Generally doughnuts aren’t my favorite thing, I like a lemon filled Krispy Kreme doughnut maybe once a year but it isn’t something I crave. This was not just a doughnut. For starters, it was baked. Then, the dusting of powdered sugar added to the divinity of the creampuff look-alike with a pale yellow filling and airy shell.


This is what the doughnut looked like after I had already taken a bite. Oops!

At first, I wasn’t sure to eat it with my hands like a regular doughnut or to take a more refined approach with a fork. The fork worked well, although the cream oozed out the sides (don’t worry I didn’t waste it). The filling was light and lemony, tasting like summer. The shell had lemon zest in it and was barely sweet to compliment the filling. It was definitely a good choice and reasonably priced at a just a little bit over $2 while the mini version was $1.50. This is definitely a place I would pay another visit!

The other night I went to Acropolis, a restaurant in Cornelius with Greek, Italian, and American dishes. Some people might be skeptical about the quality of the Greek food but I can attest that it is some of the best I have had (although I haven’t actually tried food in Greece). I decided to err away from my usual falafel with tons of tzatziki sauce on top. Instead, I tried a Greek salad made of cucumbers, pepperoncini, kalamata olives, cucumbers, and feta with a drizzle of olive oil. But, I couldn’t just eat a small salad so I also ordered this cheese appetizer under the Greek section (I only eat Greek when I go here because it is my favorite kind of food in the whole wide world).  It was called Saganaki which is Kasseri cheese pan-seared. This looked delicious when I spotted it approaching the table but then our waiter stopped, lit the plate of cheese and threw some alcohol on top to feed the fire, finishing the flaming spectacle with a squeeze of lemon. It was truly magical! I had expected some gooey cheese and pita to come to the table but was exhilarated when a performance came with the gooey cheese and pita. Needless to say, it was wonderful. You should definitely split this app the next time you go to a Greek restaurant. Here is a video of someone making this cheese dish.

My last random musing takes us to Sweden, or at least a big blue store that hails from that land and makes everyone want to live in Sweden because of how awesome it is. You guessed it, IKEA! This is one of those places that you should go if you haven’t and if you have then you are probably a fan. At least this is true in my experience. When I went the other day I signed up for a free IKEA card nut I didn’t find out its perks until we were eating lunch. I noticed that with the card customers can get a free tea or coffee every time they visit the store. Also, when you sign up for it you get a coupon for a free frozen yogurt. Tea and frozen yogurt, IKEA you have my business! After we had shopped, Jerry and I needed something for a snack. I wanted to use the coupon and virtually everyone that I had seen in the parking lot earlier was eating a cone of frozen yogurt, making me want some desperately, so frozen yogurt was on my brain. Jerry was after quantity in his snack, that full plate of meatballs and potatoes at lunch just wasn’t enough evidently. By the time we were done with our snack, the two of us had consumed three hotdogs, a cone of frozen yogurt, and a famous cinnamon roll. Just a snack, no big deal. And, we thought it was really funny that all of this together cost $2.50. I especially loved the high tables, modern hanging lamps, and pictures of Sweden in the eating area. The cinnamon roll was one that I had heard a lot about. It is truly hard to resist them based on smell alone. The food is positioned so that when you are checking out the cinnamon-y aroma bombards you, in a good way. Jerry and I split the cinnamon roll and we were pretty pleased by it. It was very warm, which is the first thing that I always notice and a good start. For a mass-produced cinnamon roll it was very good, however I would have liked a gooey-er filling and more icing. Overall, it was good but I probably like the lovely aroma of cinnamon and dough even better.

cinnamon bun

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