Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Turning 20…

So, I am writing this in the last few minutes of my 20th birthday. People always ask you on your birthday, do you feel older? I think it might be because it keeps small talk alive or goes beyond just “Happy Birthday! Uh… see ya later!” But in truth, I don’t feel any older. If someone asks me tomorrow how old I am, there is a very good chance I will respond that I am 19. But, just because I don’t feel older, doesn’t mean that it hasn’t been a wonderful birthday. I got to catch up with friends, received some beautiful and extremely thoughtful cards, and talked to the fam. As far as food goes, I have eaten a ton of grapes, some of my grandmother’s legendary cream-filled oatmeal cookies, baked French toast, marble cake with chocolate mousse filling from La Patisserie, tzatziki, spanikopita, a Greek salad from Toast, chocolates from Davidson Chocolate, and a caprese salad-inspired sandwich with fried plantains from La Patisserie over the past two days. I really could not ask for better.


I loved the food, but this (and talking with the special people in my life) was definitely the best part of my birthday.


Marble cake with chocolate mousse filling


Mozzarella sandwich and sweet fried plantains


NOT birthday related but this makes me happy:

Valentine’s Day meal from Commons (date with Alexandra, my fellow dessert lover): this would probably be my “last meal before I die” if it had to come from Vail Commons. Pictured from bottom left, going clockwise: falafel, pumpkin spice mini bundt cake, pumpkin bread with caramel drizzle, strawberries drizzled with chocolate, churro, pretzels and marshmallows drizzled with chocolate, and homemade Heath bar.  Don’t worry, we shared and only “tasted” everything (I did not eat everything on the tray). The pumpkin spice bundt cake was the clear winner of the desserts although the falafel bar always has my heart.

Thanks for a wonderful birthday and letting me share it with you!

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