Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Life is Like a Box of Chocolates…

You never know what you’re gonna get. These are the famous words of Forrest Gump, from the classic movie. This quote might be the most quoted line from the movie and possibly one of the top movie quotes of all time, but I suspect that is because there is some truth to it. No one ever knows what life will throw at them much like a box of chocolates is a grab bag or surprise (unless you have the cheater guide that tells you which chocolate is where).

I have received many boxes of chocolate in my lifetime: a Russell Stover heart every Valentine’s Day from my grandfather, a special surprise from Davidson Chocolate compliments of my parents, and collections of chocolate covered cherries for Christmas or Valentine’s Day. I have fond memories of all of them. Whether truffles, chews, cream-filled, clusters, or cherries, they were all delicious! (That is, except for coconut, I do not mess around when it comes to that dreadful one in the box. Thankfully though, I have come to have a pretty good eye for picking these out.) Milk or dark chocolate, I love them both! Most of the time I savor the box and see how long I can make it last, but I am human so occasionally one thing leads to another and the box is half-eaten, whatever. Although these boxes of chocolate have always been delicious and are good quality confections, what made them taste even better is that someone I loved gave them to me. Whether as a surprise or an expected Valentine’s Day tradition, they made me happy because of the person who bought me the chocolate. I have never and will never buy myself a box of chocolate, it seems almost like gluttony and not that special treasuring that is especially associated with chocolate.

Surprisingly, Jerry had never given me a box of chocolates. Last year for Valentine’s Day my request was a customizable chocolate bar and he has bought me chocolate in many other forms, but never a box of chocolates. However, I can definitely forgive him for this since he gave me one this year for my birthday and his story to go with the chocolates led to him getting down on one knee and asking me to marry him. Yes!


Left, back: dark chocolate covered cherries, foremost: caramel truffle, rightmost: Black Forrest truffle

I think the first thing I said after “Yes!” and “I love you” was, “What kind of chocolates are those?” The box was from The Candy Factory in Lexington, my hometown favorite for anything chocolate. Upon opening the box, I had immediately recognized the dark chocolate covered cherries (I can’t decide if I like milk or dark chocolate better with cherries, it’s a total toss up).  Jerry told me the others were a caramel truffle and a Black Forest truffle. The caramel truffle was a milk chocolate shell filled very liberally with caramel and with a little bit of white chocolate on top. Beautiful and tasty. The Black Forest truffle was dark chocolate with a chocolate infused with cherry flavored filling. It had a pink drizzle on top, again beautiful and very tasty. He really knows me too well, including a familiar favorite but indulging my love for novelty with new varieties, a mix of milk and dark chocolate, and combining beauty with tasteful, locally made chocolate. The chocolate was really enough for a yes. I totally jest, I have even better reasons for my answer.

Thanks for letting me share my good news with you!

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