Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Hump Day!

Thankfully, I survived my fast yesterday. It actually wasn’t as bad as I had imagined it would be. Oh, but this is true for so many things in life. I was probably being a bit dramatic about it in the first place.

I broke my fast with a nutritious and wonderful meal in Commons, our cafeteria. They even had a new item called Mediterranean Rotini. It was rotini with olive oil, feta cheese, black olives, and green onions. The toppings were a little skimpy but it was still delicious. Even better than the food, everyone that had partaken in the fast  ate together which made for a great community experience. I got to break bread with people that I probably wouldn’t have otherwise. It was funny to hear their personal stories of the day so far and see just how much food everyone ate. Everyone definitely made up for their fasting.

To break up this “hump day”, I will share what a friend surprised me with on Monday. A friend on my hall is Indian and she had gone to an Indian store this weekend and gotten some desserts. We had had previous conversations about food and especially about desserts (this seems to be a recurring theme, huh?). Monday afternoon when she told me that she had brought me one I was thrilled. Was I hungry? No. Had I already consumed several desserts that day? Yes. But, when my friend gave me the dessert it was an easy decision to go ahead and eat it.

The dessert is called soan papdi. This particular one was the original flavor, almond and pistachio. It was beautiful. It reminded me of something that should be eaten with a cup of tea since it was so dainty. I was too lazy, but it was a good thought. I had never tried an Indian dessert so my eagerness restrained my love for tea.


If you ever get a chance to try this Indian dessert, it is definitely worth it. The texture is very light, similar to cotton candy in the airiness. It is a dessert for people who like very sweet things. I assume that this is why the squares are small, one is just right. The almond slivers provide a slight crunch and a textural contrast to the flaky sweet. Happy hump day! I hope all this talk of dessert makes your day even better!

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