Tuesday, February 4, 2014

NYC: The Honeymoon Eats

It seems as if my honeymoon was eons away, especially as I am interning, substitute teaching, trailing behind our new puppy with a green “dog waste” bag, washing laundry, and in general getting back to the real world. Before I get to the food, I just have to share a picture of our  Boxer-Pointer mix puppy, Louie, from the Humane Society. He has the sweetest face and a personality to match. Jerry and I are so in love with him (except when he pukes in his cage, whines constantly, or tears his bed to shreds)! Now to the food!


We ate some amazing food in New York City. In fact, there were times that Jerry said he felt like we were always eating. But, I know that I wasn’t the only one who enjoyed it. I had been looking forward to honeymooning in New York for a long time; aside from the ice skating, exploring, and seeing Matilda on Broadway, the food was definitely one of the things I was most looking forward to. I called on the help of several friends familiar with the city and did my research on Serious Eats and Yelp. Overall, I was very happy with what we ate and glad that we walked miles around the city and exercised in the workout room every day to keep from gaining five pounds in our five days there.

There were a few things that were quintessential New York foods that we had to eat. These included bagels, pizza, cheesecake, and black and white cookies. We also hit up restaurants and bakeries I had heard about. We only had two negative experiences and those were at quintessential New York delis, no names but in my opinion those types of establishments aren’t worth it on a visit to the city. So, on to the good stuff!

New York Favorites

After some research about good pizza in New York, I chose Angelo’s Pizza. It wasn’t traditional New York style pizza but I daresay that I liked the coal-fired pizza served here better than I would have liked a super thin-crusted New York style slice. This was a Margherita style pizza with mozzarella, a not-too-sweet red sauce, and fresh basil leaves. The crust was crisp with a little bit of a char around the edges. It was simple but one of the freshest pizzas I have ever eaten. I was able to eat my whole half of the pizza, as a result of both the deliciousness and hunger from eating lunch at 2:00.


Half plain and half with added pepperoni, I think you can guess which side was mine.

Again, I did a lot of research about what bagels were the best; naturally, they had to be hand-rolled and freshly made. I decided that we would try Murray’s Bagels. The shop was cozy with so many different types of bagels to choose from. Jerry and I split this whole wheat bagel with cream cheese as a second breakfast before our flight out. The bagel was delicious, with a slightly tough exterior and a tender inside. There was a bit too much cream cheese for me, but I don’t really like plain cream cheese, I much prefer it in icing. We took home half a dozen bagels, including cinnamon raisin, multigrain, and a seed and nut bagel. I loved mine toasted with almond butter.


After seeing the magical, took-me-back-to-my-childhood play Matilda, Jerry and I knew that a dessert to take back to the room was a must. I suggested an old favorite, Junior’s cheesecake. I had eaten it on other trips to New York and knew that Junior’s rich cheesecake with a thin sponge cake crust was well worth the trip and the almost $7 a slice. I chose cherry because although I like to eat super fancy desserts, sometimes a simple but classic dessert hits the spot; this was one of those. I forgot to take a picture before I dug in so please forgive me.


In my next post, I will explore more of my favorite foods from the trip.

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