Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Cake for College Kids

This past weekend, my friend and I wanted to hang out. We hadn’t gotten a chance to do so in what seemed like forever. I was really excited about it so I asked her what she wanted to do. She suggested that we bake something (obviously knowing that I like to bake). Among my friends, I have become the baking “expert” (although really far from it), a fact that is both embarrassing yet thrilling for me. This raises two points: 1. Do people think that the only thing I think/care about is food?(Although I love it a lot, I care about so many other things and not just about food as a thing or physical nourishment but how it brings people together) 2. Also, if someone asks me about baking, this makes me feel kind of special. While this expertise is totally not the truth it really makes me feel flattered because I am so passionate about baking and love to do it so much. Also, I have this grand illusion in my head that I am going to leave some sort of baking legacy in which my name is associated with moist cakes, sweet and fruity breads, and delicious, buttery bars. Then, everyone will know that I am passionate about baking, especially as a way to show people that I care or to connect/bond with them.


Here is a recipe that I found that is very fun to make. And, I find it perfect for college students. It requires very few ingredients and they are all staples that are probably in your fridge/pantry if you have one. It doesn’t take a lot of prior preparation or bowls, pans, utensils, etc. Also, it is super easy and fast. No need to be a pastry chef or some other culinary expert, you can make and eat this cake- in-a-mug in under ten minutes flat.

It is also the perfect dessert to make with a friend. And, let’s face it, dessert wouldn’t be the same if it wasn’t eaten with someone special and if it didn’t satisfy a longing for that certain something that tickles your sweet tooth (for me, this is cake without a doubt).

**Notes for the recipe: I would definitely double the sugar, it wasn’t nearly sweet enough for me (but I didn’t try the chocolate glaze). Also, for the two servings you can divide the batter into two mugs to make it easier/less awkward to eat. Finally, I added a pinch of cinnamon to mine and I really liked it; actually, next time I would add more (but this probably has something to do with my cinnamon obsession).

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