Saturday, March 10, 2012

Give Me Some “Momo”!

I am actually pretty sure that the name Momo’s, a funky pizza joint perfectly suited for the college town of Tallahassee, Florida, did originate in this way, but I just took some creative license and was trying to think of a not boring title. Thursday night my herpetology class was staying in Tallahassee as part of a tour through the Southeast of herpetological laboratories and sites. It was someone’s birthday so we went out for a very fun night that started with pizza. Momo’s motto, which is on their sign and boxes is “Slices As Big As Your Head”. Our group was ravenous by the time that 7:00 rolled around and we piled in the car to go eat. But, I can safely say that it wasn’t just our hunger or the atmosphere that made this pizza so good!


One of the first things that you see when you walk into Momo’s is their pizza boxes high on the wall. There is a box for a slice of pizza that is huge and you think, “Well, there is no way that one slice would fill up that whole box”. Then, you see that the pizza boxes start at medium and increase up to an extra large. This is when you think, “In their dreams. There is no way that the XL pizza is actually that big. A pizza can’t be the size of the table. Pshh!” But, then you see guys behind the counter skillfully throwing and spinning stretchy, round pieces of dough that could possibly create a pizza the size of the XL pizza box. When the menu says that it can feed 8 to 10 people, which is quite a feat for a pizza that is only $23.50, this is no exaggeration.

Our group split a cheese pizza. Although I would never order a cheese pizza on my own, (I really like specialty pizzas with fun toppings like pesto, goat cheese, caramelized onions, etc.) I do like cheese pizza. Some people in our group also got a medium meat lover's pizza, which was easily the size of a chain pizza shop’s large, because they denounced cheese as too boring.


When our pizza came out, it was huge. The XL is supposedly 50 inches in diameter. If this is true, then I am only 14.5 inches taller than our pizza was wide. This blows my mind! The pizza came with silver serving plates (which are probably the size of a medium pizza anywhere else) for us to eat on and the slices hung off of the plates. The dough was extra thin. The sauce was plentiful and sweet. I scraped some off of my slices because I am not a huge sauce fan. The cheese was very good though and the bottom crust was cooked just right so that there were little charred bubbles. Although hard to eat (they gave everyone a knife and fork), it was really good! Everyone in our group started with two slices but some people were brave enough to go for three. I basically finished my two, wished that I had room in my stomach and the metabolism for a third, and left room for Cold Stone afterwards. I always have room for dessert!

If you are ever in Tallahassee, try this hole in the wall and if you are with a large group of people, please get the XL!

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